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Name: Keely Wee Shi Kai
Age: 19
13th Nov 1990.
currently NUS BIZ




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Saturday, January 30, 2010 10:53 PM


went to holland village this afternoon
after having a meal at chestnut drive.
super black prawn mee!
ultra nice!

went to holland v with bei, jac n auntie
with the intention to look at puppies sold dere.
den we entered 1 of de pet shops
which ive previously been dere
but din see any puppy which i like.
we entered today again
n we saw this long coat chihuahua
with ultra pretty face!
though it's male.
u noe chihuahuas tend to have this pair of
large eyes that seem to pop out
like that!

but de 1 dat i saw wasnt like that!
he has got a pomeranian face.
super pretty!
n he's colour is also very nice!
light brown body coat
mixed with a lil black at de ear and back.
n his chest all de way to de stomach is white!
his hands n legs r light brown again
with white socks!
special rite?
pretty rite?!

plus he has got a black birth mark beneath his chin
like my birth mark on my lip!!
jac found out bout this 1.
he's realli veh veh cute!
shall show u all a pic of him soon.

anyway guessed most of u wouldnt have known that
my dog BOM BOM has passed away ald.
ya she passed away on the 25th Nov 2009.
while i was away at KL
doing the launch of Tudor Gold dere.
it was de worst trip ive ever had.
she was ill on de nite b4 i left
mummy n my aunt brought her to de hospital
n de doc said she has to be left dere
for closer inspection
and she'll only get her body check up results de nxt day.
was veh worried for her
but mummy asked me to still leave to do my job.

den wen i was dere on de 1st day
my sis text me to say she looks fine
n sent me a pic of her at de hospital
but with test tubes and bandage on her paw.
that was her veh last pic left for me.

in de afternoon
my sis called again
to say de doc said BomBom's in a dangerous situation
with perhaps only 3 more days to live.

even more worried den b4
but i could only try to carry a smile
all the while i was in KL.
it was so so tough.

den later at nite
while i was having dinner with all de ppl
i was told BomBom passed away ald.
i burst out crying.
i was veh guilty for not being able
to see her for 1 last time.
guilty for not being able to spend more time with her.
she passed away too suddenly
showed no signs of pain
or watsoever.
we thot she's healthy
but apparently she didnt show her pain at all.
i took an earlier flight back to S'pore
rite after de stuff over at KL
has been settled.

dey waited for me to attend her cremation
de following day.
it was de worst moment.
she's rite in front of me.
but i couldnt touch her.
i couldnt hold her.
i couldnt hug her anymore.
from now on
dere wouldnt be her in my life anymore.
i cried n called out her name.
hoping she could hear me
hoping she knew im finally here.

life's realli so different w/o her ard.
i missed her.
just wan to let her noe
BomBom, jiejie love u so much.
RIP and find ur angel dere.


12:51 AM


its been such a long time since ive last blogged.
hmm.. let me see..
since oct 2009!
its like just 1 day away from Feb 2010 ald.
no wonder all my readers run away.
but now every1 come back!
cos im gg to BLOG BLOG & BLOG everyday!
dun noe y but ive just got this urge to do so.
random huh.

today i went to watch AMEI's concert!!

its AWESOME!!!
i realli dunno wat to say bout her performance
besides dis.
its like her voice..
totalli can shake de entire stadium.
its just so so so solid
like a wall that you cant break thru!
realli dun unds how she can sing so well
how her voice can be so powerful.
i tink i wan to live on de mountains some day as well.

but the thing is she actualli sang quite alot of songs
which i dunno how 2 sing
and which are not so popular.
mayb its cos she needs to go with the rock theme.
so some of her classic songs r not suitable?

i must mention this.
she sang this opera
like phantom of the opera.
and it made me get like goosebumps all over my body!
i found myself in a state of stun.

next im gg to watch SHE's concert!
it will be held on mid April!
i must save enough money to go for their concert.
sure super high 1!

ok! after having all de fun
its time to do biz!


This is a newly created blogshop
that sells handmade accessories
mainly made of clay flowers from Japan!
exclusively available in VAVA VOOM!

The accessories are rather affordable
all around 20 bucks or so.
Plus the designs are realli unique!
and i can quarantee all the accessories are of great quality.
im kinda involved in this blogshop as well
so i really hope all my dear customers could give support!

here are some of my fav pieces:

Rose Wood



i really love them ALOT!

my partner n i have put in alot of hard work
into creating this blogshop.
own blogskin
own designs
own handwork
& most imptly..
we've put in our most sincere LOVE
into all these accessories.

so VAVA VOOM really need ur greatest support
to make this blogshop a success.
and let us have more confidence and motivation
to make more accessories
with new designs for all of u!